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What is the definition of Natural Mineralized Water?

Today, the waters are divided into two parts, as natural mineralized waters and natural spring waters. Natural mineralized water is a type of groundwater, situated in the depths of the earth and naturally occurring by the proper geological conditions and coming out of the earth crust spontaneously by means of a spring or more than one spring or by technical procedures and methods and characterized by its mineral contents, residual elements and other components and finally protected against pollution risks. The hardness of water stems from natural minerals in its content. In other words, the Calcium, Magnesium and Bicarbonate in the water may vary the hardness scale. These minerals have beneficial effects to human health. Using natural mineralized waters during cooking prevents the destruction of the minerals in the foods.

Pure Alkaline Water, pH 8.30

Rich in Essential Minerals

Low in Sodium

Smooth Taste!

Untouched from source to bottle…

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